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Please help with DCS-920 - Take a quick look


I have a DCS-920 (D-Link cam) but can't see it past my firewall. (I am a newbie at this.) I've included some pics below to show you what I have done as far as settings are concerned. I have tried to read the forums here, but still can't figure it out. I have Comcast as my ISP.

I've tried the online open port tests and it shows any port that I try closed. So i don't know if it's me or Comcast... (Serenity now!)

I've turned of my Norton Smart Firewall as well.

I thought I would be able to see the cam on the other side of my firewall by going to an address like  or http://ccofficecam1.dlinkddns.com  But no success.





In your Port forwarding rules is should be the local IP address of the camera not you public IP address. And you can make just one rule and set the traffic type to Any.

Okay I changed the port I forwarded, as shown in the picture above - still not able to see past firewall. I appreciate the help - anything else?

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Couple of issues from what I can see in the screens. You have no gateway set, no DNS servers, and am not sure if your hostname update is working or not but the exact hostname should be, ccofficecam1.dlinkddns.com, not just ccofficecam1.

add Gateway and DNS1 to Secondary is optional.

Thank you. It seems to be working now.


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