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I'm an total noob at this and don't know how to proceed.

I'm trying to install a DWA-171 on my Win7 PC and create an ad-hoc connection with my Motorola Defy+ phone.

I've gone through the setup process on the PC, the drivers appear enabled in the Device Manager.

Ipconfig shows 'Media disconnected' for Wireless LAN Adapter Wireless Network Connector 13 & 12.

A wi-fi scan on my phone doesn't find any signal at all.  (When I plug in a WAP it finds it just fine)

Adding and activating an ad-hoc network with the same name as on the phone using Wireless Connection Manager/MY WIRELESS NETWORKS/New doesn't change anything.

Under Win7 Network and Sharing Center/Connect to a Network the network shows up but the Signal Strength shows No Signal.

I've set up an ad-hoc network on the phone, it won't connect.

The Wireless Connection Wizard doesn't find the network on the phone (it doesn't find any network).

I've printed out the manual and gone over it repeatedly and searched this forum without finding anything

Can anyone please offer some guidance on successfully installing/setting up the DWA-171?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


* What region are you located?
It's possible that the 171 is not compatible or set up to handle ad-hoc configurations from phones.

What I recommend you do is to phone contact D-Link support and ask them  for help and information about this and about the SharePort DIR-500 series class of routers that have the "HotSpot" feature that some are using with SmartPhones. I believe these are designed to work with phones and then maybe the 171 will connect to the DIR router.


Let us know how it goes...

Thanks for the response FurryNutz.  I have a Windows tablet on the way,  if the DWA-171 won't connect with that I guess I'll buy a different adapter.

Let us know how it goes...
I'd give one of the hot spot models a try though.  ;)

I got a different USB wifi adapter today and connected to my smart phone easily.


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