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D-Link Forum - Does D-Link Fix Issues Posted by Members in this Forum?


Forum members often ask what the best means is to communicate their issues to D-Link for visibility and resolution. This FAQ entry describes the official D-Link channels available for reporting issues.

Issue Reporting

[*]Posting issues in this forum - D-Link engineers and technical staff may visit this forum and read issues posted by members, although the engineers/technical staff themselves do not frequently post replies. Volunteer forum moderators who identify recurring issues posted by members have a direct channel to D-Link and often escalate those issues for investigation, clarification, and information.
[*]D-Link Support Desk - While posting issues in this forum is a great means of sharing information with other members and notifying D-Link of issues, D-Link typically escalates issues for resolution based on the volume of calls received through the official D-Link support desk. If D-Link receives a large number of calls pertaining to the same issue, that issue is more likely to be escalated as a problem for investigation and resolution. As such, in addition to posting issues in this forum, forum members are encouraged to call the toll free D-Link support desk to report their issue: 1-888-851-6464.


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