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This wishlist contains firmware suggestions provided by the forum community and may not reflect actual changes to current or future D-Link firmware releases. Below is a summary of everyone's input thus far. Please let me know if I over generalized, misrepresented, or missed anyone's concerns and I'll refresh the list with updates. Recent items are highlighted in blue..

If any items in the wishlist were fixed by the latest firmware, please post and I'll update!

DNR-202L Wishlist

[*][Bug] Video - Video playback status box (i.e. date, time, speed display) occasionally freezes
[*][BUG]Video - Playing video from the mydlink site results in a video freeze and admin password failure (requires a reboot to correct) [Issue reported by multiple users]


Wishlist Items Addressed by D-Link (Thank You!)


In "Setup" --> "Add Camera" under "CAMERA LIST", there are 8 slots for cameras. but the DNR-202L stops searching for cameras at 4.  You can manually add a 5th camera to the "CAMERA LIST" and the DNR-202L will save the full list, but there's no option to select which cameras it should monitor and record from.  The back of the box says "...supports video recording from up to 4 mydlink-enabled cameras..."  Based on the fact that there are 8 entries in the firmware, the message on the back could be interpreted to mean that it records from only 4 cameras at a time but supports connecting to up to 8.  Even if that isn't correct, I'd sure like an easy way in the firmware to tell the DNR-202L which of my 5+ cameras to record from.

There may be a problem with the DNR-202L auto-finding the DCS-932LB1.  I had 4 cameras and added a DCS-932LB1 to mydlink.com account and it could see it just fine.  However, the DNR-202L wouldn't find the new camera automatically.  I removed my first camera listed ("Setup" --> "Add Camera") and manually added my new DCS-932LB1.  I logged out and back in a little later and it had found the camera I manually deleted and placed it into the 5th slot.

Here are a few others saying they have the same problem:

I've been using the DNR-202L a lot more recently and it has plenty of issues.  I'm working on a review video so I can show the issues I have with it.  Here's a sampling...

1. In playback, why is the "faster" button on the left and "slower" button on the right?  That just seems backward.  Is that suppose to be a "speedometer" between them?
2. Why does the DNR-202L have the ability to find more than 4 cameras if only 4 cameras are supported?
3. If the DNR-202L wants to support finding more than 4 cameras, but recording from only 4, why are the 4 I want to record from not selectable?
4. Why does the "Glance" button not "highlight" when you "mouse over" it?  The other 3 buttons around it do.
5. What does the "binocular" button do?  It is not clickable and there is no pop-up explaining what it is.
6. If there is some way to setup motion based recording on the DNR-202L, it is NOT obvious.  I am convinced this thing can only record all the time or on a schedule and just mark the places in the recording where motion was sensed.  I'm betting there is no "record only when motion is sensed and quit when the motion stops" option.

There are plenty more issues I have with this thing which I'll discuss in an upcoming full review.

Hi, Please add support for this NVR for the brand new DCS-935L HD Wifi Camera.


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