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When I turn on my laptop the DWA-171 shows up on the right side of the task bar showing signal strength. That is good. However, every time I turn the laptop on I am greeted by the pop-up box for the 171 showing all the networks it can see. Sometimes I've already started my first task and this little program blasts it and often causes irritating re-do's. How can I tell this box not to show up unless I click on the bars symbol on the task bar?

Also, many times it will show me two connections to my second router when I'm only aware of one connection existing. What is that?

As you can tell I'm a bit of a beginner, just knowing enough to be dangerous.

Is there any preferences for this unit that you can find?
What OS platform are you using?
What region are you located?

I cannot find any preferences. I am running on Vista. I am located in Southern California.

Not sure if this behavior can be disabled....you might phone contact D-Link support and ask. This could be a behavior indicative of it sensing something and providing you with the display. However most of the time, it shouldn't be visible if your connected well.

I just got this DWA-171.  Works fine, but I have the same problem as OP described above.  Do I really have to look at this pop-up window several times everyday for now until eternity?????  If I can't turn  this off I am going to take it back to Office Depot and buy another brand.


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