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Is there a way to map 3 unique incoming ports to the same port # on 3 different IP addresses??
Example: incoming port 5000 to port 21
              incoming port 5001 to port 21
              incoming port 5002 to port 21

Check the user manual for Virtual Server or Port Forwarding options? Not sure if port 21 can be mapped all at once to different IPs.

I have not found anything that will allow an incoming port to be mapped to a different port number. It appears that I can map any incoming port to an IP address, but nothing that will allow me to change the port number.
FurryNutz .... Is there an active email address for D-Link tech support for the DSR250N??
I tried to get there through the D-Link website cut it will not let me. It just continues to loop back to the automated answers bot that doesn't understand the question and presents me with a list of FAQ's that will not open.

Best way to get to D-Link support is to phone contact your regional D-Link support office for immediate help there. I found that email doesn't provide the level of support needed.

Let us know how it goes.

even though the post is old.  this info may be useful for others.

port redirect

running the 2.01_WW code on DSR-250N

security > custom services
Add a new service
   give it a descriptive name for reference (no spaces)
   select tcp or udp
   enter start and finish ports as the same
      (for example TCP 55505)  <-- we will redirect this to remote desktop TCP 3389 soon.
select Security > Firewall rules
from zone - insecure wan
to zone - secure vlan  <-- unless you have something else set for your client
available vlan - default <-- unless you have something else set for your client
service - select your new service
action - allow
source hosts - any
optional - set log to always
set the IP of your internal server
TURN ON enable port forwarding
translate port = 3389 (or whatever number you need to go to)
external IP = WAN

Make sure that it is ENABLED


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