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DWA-162 Window 8 install


I recently purchased a Dlink DWA-162 usb wireless dual band adapter. The box and instructions said Windows 8 compatible. I could not successfully install the device on a Win 8 desktop or Win8.1 laptop. The instructions specifically say ignore new device found window and use only the Dlink setup. This did not work. I kept getting driver install failures Code 28 and Code 31. I then called support, they had me plug in device then update drivers from the install CD -> driver -> Win8-64 bit folder. This did work on Win 8 system but not Win 8.1 laptop. I am returning the product and getting something that works correctly out of box.

Try drivers from the web?  ???

What version of Windows 8 are you using? x32 or x64?

Try disabling Driver Signature Enforcement with F8 on boot up of the PC...If this feature is in Windows 7

Drivers from the web are an exe file, the same as running the mini install CD.
My system is Windows 8.1 64bit
I was able to disable Driver Signature Enforcement but nothing changed. I tried using the CD install then I uninstalled and rebooted and tried attaching device and updating drivers from the CD. I cannot find just drivers on the web.


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