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My Survellience, help needed


Hi Guys,

I have been trying to setup a recording for my Dlink camera's with no success. My setup is as below

1. Dlink DNS 327L
2. Dlink DCS-5222L
3. Dlink DCS- 5020L

The 327L is connected to a Cisco Switch that's is connection to a router (for IP assigning)

When I activate the My Surveillance wizard to search for camera's the search continues for ages but nothing is detected, I tried to connect one of the Camera physically via Ethernet to the switch and the same results. I also tried manually entering the IP address but the system cannot pick up the cameras.

However all camera can be picked up on the wireless via
1. Dlink online cloud website
2. Synlogy NAS Surveillance Station

Can someone please advise if anything can do done for this?

The NAS is using the 1.0 firmware

Not sure if you've solved your issue as its been some time since you've posted.

I've bought the same NAS with almost the same setup as you.

I've faced this issue before and its resolved by using internet explorer instead of firefox and chrome. There's something to install which didn't pop up on firefox & chrome, perhaps due to pop-up killers or something.

Hi Mate,

Thanks for the reply, was away for a while and have not had the time to try anything out. Will try what you just mentioned (fingers crossed).


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