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--- Quote from: froad on October 23, 2013, 12:19:13 PM ---The camera's I use (942L) have an option to send the video stream (when motion is detected) to a FTP.  The 327L can be set up as a FTP.  Followed what I think is the process but when I "test" the ftp setup in the camera setup - it fails.  Not sure if it's the 327L - the camera (942L) or maybe something on the router (845L).  Or just a plain old UBF  (user brain failure).  The 327L allows you to record the camera(s) within it "my surveillance" application - where and how is a mystery - it does it - as you can play them back - but using explorer or other file manager will not find the file on the network storage device (327L) - but I know it's there - just don't know exactly where.  The problem using this option is that I can not access it with mydlink (any of the my surveillance mode) again... maybe a failure on my part.  This is one of the reasons I want to use the 327 as a ftp - then the camera's would send the video clip as a avi or mp4 (my choice) which I can access through the mydlink portal.  It may take me a bit of time to reply as I am going into an "internet free zone" for a couple weeks so thanks in advance

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Both items are added. . .  ;)


--- Quote from: thunder_2000 on October 26, 2013, 12:26:27 AM ---Hi!

I've got 2 more points, i'd wish my dns327 would have.

* App like pyLoad - to download from One Click Hoster
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Added...  ;)

--- Quote from: thunder_2000 on October 26, 2013, 12:26:27 AM ---
* User restrictions for Folders on Volume_1: I mean, that a new User can just see one folder of Volume_1
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You can configure the DNS-327L to restrict access to specific directories using group and user policies

The following DNS-327L Firmware Wishlist contains the collective contribution of the DNS-327L D-Link forum community. If you would like to contribute to this list, please post your suggestions as a reply to this thread.

Below is a summary of everyone's input thus far. Please let me know if I over-generalized, misrepresented, or missed anyone's concerns and I'll refresh the list with updates. Recent items are highlighted in blue.

If any items in the wishlist were fixed by the latest firmware, please post and I'll update!

DNS-327L Wishlist

[*]App - My Surveillance - Option to access app through mydlink
[*]App - My Surveillance - Option to automatically use FTP to save Cloud camera video feeds as AVI/MP4 files accessible for copy/transfer
[*]App - New App - Add app similar to pyLoad to download from Once Click host


Wishlist Items Addressed by D-Link (Thank You!)


Feature: Auto-Refresh on uPnP Server
Navigation: Management (Tab) > Application Management > Multimedia Services > UPnP AV Server Settings

Notice that 'uPnP server' does not have auto-refresh option. As a result, new files added into shared folder cannot be seen until manual refresh i.e. Files added on Transmission folder do not appear on TV using UPnP network Protocol.

This is not convenient as user will need to ask administrator to login and do manual refresh on DLINK NAS.

*click on manual refresh on Volume 1 and 2 button on that same page.

Having said that, the 'iTune server" has the option (check-box) for auto-refresh content.

Please provide same functionality so that user does not need administrator to go and manually refresh the content to be visible.


--- Quote from: JavaLawyer on November 15, 2013, 12:31:42 PM ---Added...  ;)

You can configure the DNS-327L to restrict access to specific directories using group and user policies

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Yes. That is correct and the access restrictions do work.
The goal however should be that when a user with restricted access logs into his share he shouldn't be able to move up in the directory tree and browse (view not enter) all the other users shares and also Volume_1.
If i am not wrong in windows systems this behavior can be controlled with the policy setting "bypass traverse checking".
There are other NAS brands that allow "advanced share privileges" as:
-disable directory browsing
-disable modification of existing files
-disable file downloading
but i am not sure if this is what we are looking for.

Another useful addition would be the possibility to set quotas for a shares.
I know we can set quotas for users and groups but if for instance i have a Public share with all accounts access rights and want to limit it's size i don't know how to do it without a share quota setting.



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