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Can't access DCS-5520 from dlinkddns



I have set up my ipcam on dlinkddns for almost a year now. I have not made any changes to the router or the camera.

Suddenly, since last week, the camera is not accessible anymore from Internet. I used to be able to access it from office, overseas or elsewhere.

Now if I try xxx.dlinkddns.com - it will give me an error message saying webpage not found. Any idea what I should check/fix?


Recheck your port forwarding rules to make sure they are still enabled. Also verify that the camera is still at the same local IP address as the rules reflect. If the camera did not have a static IP address it may have changed.

just 1 q, I tried to make this cam wireless on my 2Wire firewall router, but am unable to. I can work well when connected wired.

I have 3 DCS 920 which works fine.



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