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The mydlink Cloud mobile app allows you to share documents and access photos, music and video stored in your D-Link ShareCenter™ right from your mobile device. The mydlink Cloud add-on is already installed on your NAS, so simply enter your mydlink Cloud account information and you are good to go!

Once connected, you can instantly open or send files, folders, pictures or videos from your mobile device with just a click. mydlink Cloud makes it easy to work directly with your NAS files, no matter where you are — and even listen to music in the background at the same time.


[*]Stream music and videos to your mobile device(s)
[*]Browse the files on your D-Link ShareCenter™
[*]Download content from your D-Link ShareCenter™ to your mobile device(s)
[*]Open many popular file formats like Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint
[*]Share any file or folder as a link to Facebook / Twitter or e-mail.
[*]Upload Photos from your mobile device to your D-Link ShareCenter™
[*]Wirelessly download files to your mobile device and access them offline
[*]Open downloaded files using other installed applications on your device
[*]Share any file or folder in your D-Link ShareCenter™ instantly
[*]Fast and easy one-tap operation
[*]It’s FREE!

Compatible ShareCenter Models

[*]DNS-325 (firmware version v1.03)
[*]DNS-345 (firmware version v1.01)


[*]mydlink Cloud App (Android)
[*]mydlink Cloud App (iPhone)
[*]mydlink Cloud App (Windows Phone)
[*]mydlink Cloud App (BlackBerry)


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