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Radius in vlan 2 DAP-2360 problem.


Hello. I'm infrastructure analyst and am having difficulty in equipment from D-Link DAP-2360. Our network follows a different pattern from the others. Our vlan 1 is used for administration and vlan 2 is used for other users and internal network resources such as servers domain (active directory). Recently we decided to create a guest network. For this, buy some units of the DAP-2360.

Follows the configuration of the network previously guest.

Vlan 1 - Administration
Vlan 2 - LAN - (included AD and Radius servers)

Configuration after creating the guest network.

Vlan 1 - Administration
Vlan 2 - LAN - (included AD and Radius servers)
Vlan 6 - Guest Network

We configure the DAP-2360 with the vlan vlan 2 and 6, 2 vlan ssid "LAN" 6 ssid and vlan "guest" network authentication and site authentication radius is the guest network is just a WPA2 password. The problem is, when I try to connect to the local network ssid not have success, but the guest network connects normally.
When I change authentication for WPA2 lan ssid and password access is normal. That is the problem when trying to use this occurring in a radius ssid that in a different vlan 1. Can you help me?

I recommend you phone contact your regional DLink support office for this model and ask for level 2 or higher support.

What region are you located?


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