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I'm trying to configure our new DSL-520B router to allow one of the computers behind it to be a web server. We'll handle DNS later - at the moment, if our IP address is, I'd like to be able to

and get to the server. I can't - every time I do this from a machine behind the DSL-520B, I get the log-in window for the router. A machine outside the router can't connect at all.

We have a virtual server setup configured like this:

Web Server (HTTP)    80    80    TCP    80    80    disable

(The machine that's being a web server is running Apache, and it's configured correctly. If I on a machine behind the DSL-520B, I can browse the pages on our local web server.)

I'm pretty sure I've missed something fairly obvious - while we have a fair bit of expertise with net servers, this is the first time we've tried setting up something like this.

Can anyone point me to some instructions or suggest what we need to do to make this work?



You need to contact your ISP service and make sure that they allow other Web Servers on there systems. Sometimes ISP block port 80 from allowing web servers from being accessed which we can configure anything around. Using Virtual server should be used however if the ports are closed on the ISP side, it won't work. Please verify with the ISP this this is allowed.

Might try the following:
Not sure if it will help or not.

Review the following:


I hadn't thought of the ISP blocking ports.

I contacted them - they're fine with our hanging a web server on the DSL connection, and they assure me that all ports are unblocked.

Where should we look next?


Probably you forgot to turn off all your modem wan port Access Control Services. Its under Management menu.

Your web server is  ???

--- Code: ---Web Server (HTTP)    80    80    TCP    80    80    disable
--- End code ---
but you trying to forward external 80 to internal 80 not 8080

1. Turn off wan port Access Control Services. And don't forget to change all default passwords  ;)
2.  I don't know how your "virtual server" or "forwarding menu" looks like on DSL-520B (It's another local variant of DSL320 or DSL2500 )
--- Code: ---Server Name External Port Start External Port End Protocol Internal Port Start Internal Port End Server IP Address
Web Server (HTTP) 80 80 TCP 8080 8080
--- End code ---


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