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DSN-1100-10 Restore Factory Setting


Hi all,

i got a DSN-1100-10 NAS, whitch i can not acces via XStack, cause the Admin installing the system missed to document the admin password correctly :-(

i can access (and have already backed up) ALL the data from the iSCSI exports so i want to factory restore the device.

Ive tried the "reset button" but as written in docu it only resets the device not restores the factory settings.
Probably i could extract all the HDDs and insert a blank one, but id prefer an "device settings reset" rather than an "rest ALL data on the NAS" including Userdata AND NAS settings.

is there a possibility to restore factory settings to acces the management interface without resetting all HDDs ?

Greetings Sancho

LOL are there no DLink Support Guys reading this forum ?

works for me.

!!!! Watch out the described "Step 3: Enter the number 4 to continue with boot operation." is different on my NAS, and hitting "4" resets all data on the NAS ;-)    !!!!

Greettings Sancho


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