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DNS-343 - HDD Size & AFT Support


What is the largest size HDD the DNS-343 supports?

[*]The DNS-343 supports HDDs up to 2TB in size.

Does the DNS-343 support AFT (Advanced Format Technology) HDDs?

* Yes. The DNS-343 supports AFT HDDs up to 2TB in size
* Enabling AFT support requires upgrading the DNS-343 firmware to version 1.05 or higher
* The DNS-343 may not support all AFT HDD makes/models. Before purchasing an AFT HDD, please refer to the HDD compatibility information on the D-Link USA website and posts on the DNS-343 board for DNS-343 owner experiences with different AFT HDD makes and models

[*]Upgrading DNS-343 firmware should not impact existing HDD formatting or data
[*]Always create a separate physical backup of your data before performing a firmware change: DNS-343 - Data Backup vs. Redundancy
[*]Learn more about AFT HDD support here: ShareCenter - AFT (Advanced Format Technology) Hard Drive Support


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