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DNS-343 - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes


DNS-343 Cumulative Firmware Release Notes

Firmware: 1.06b01 (Beta) - Date: 06/11/2012

[*][New Feature] Passive port configuration to the FTP server

Firmware: 1.05 (Official Release) - Date: 05/09/2012

[*][New Feature] Supports advanced format disks
[*][Bug Fix] Auto power recovery setting being masked issue
[*][Bug Fix] Baghdad time incorrect issue
[*][Bug Fix] Workgroup name is too restrictive
[*][Bug Fix] The user list does not match with ADS
[*][Bug Fix] ADS failed to get group information sometimes
[*][Bug Fix] The domain group cannot be selected

Firmware: 1.05b01 (Beta) - Date: 06/03/2011

[*][New Feature] Support Advanced Format Disk
[*][Bug Fix] Fix some ADS issues with groups not always appearing
[*][Bug Fix] Fix "fan can't rotate" error message.

Firmware: 1.04 (Official Release) - Date: 12/13/2010

[*][New Feature] UPnP AV Server pass DLNA v1.5 certification..
[*][New Feature] Update UPnP AV Server to support Windows 7 Media Player 11.
[*][New Feature] Support SNMP
[*][New Feature] Support D-View
[*][New Feature] OLED warning message "DISK IS FULL" can be enabled or disabled by user.
[*][New Feature] Email Alert: Allow user to set temperature threshold from 1% to 100%
[*][New Feature] Change default IP from to AutoIP (169.254.x.x).
[*][New Feature] ADS supports Windows Server 2008.
[*][Bug Fix] ADS : Fixed unable to connect to 343 by using Netbios name in ADS mode.
[*][Bug Fix] ADS : Fix realm name issue.
[*][Bug Fix] UPnP AV Server : Updates UPnP AV Server to support Windows 7 Media Player 11.
[*][Bug Fix] UPnP AV Server : %20 is used instead of a space on all files and directories.
[*][Bug Fix] UPnP AV Server : Supports mpeg4.
[*][Bug Fix] Fan Control : changes design to Off -> Low -> High Speed instead of going from Off -> High when temperature reached the high speed threshold.
[*][Bug Fix] S.M.A.R.T : A scheduled S.M.A.R.T test won't perform on time.

Firmware: 1.03 (Official Release) - Date: 10/12/2009

[*][New Feature] Update to new toolchain (GCC 3.4.4) and Linux Kernel (v2.6.22.7).
[*][New Feature] Update OLED firmware (v1.03).
[*][New Feature] Support 2TB HDD.
[*][New Feature] Support NFS Server.
[*][New Feature] Support Remote Backup to up to 10 remote DNS-343.
[*][New Feature] Support System/FTP Log.
[*][New Feature] Support S.M.A.R.T.
[*][New Feature] Support Yahoo! Widget.
[*][New Feature] Support options for Manually Rebuild or Auto Rebuild
[*][New Feature] Support Add-On interface for new applications: Support language pack for multi-language WebGUI.
[*][New Feature] Support Add-On interface for new applications: Support ADS software package.
[*][New Feature] ADS supports Quota.
[*][New Feature] FTP Server supports FXP.
[*][New Feature] UPnP AV/iTunes Server supports auto refreshing.  Removes Auto Refresh Timer.
[*][New Feature] Power management: Hard drive is able to hibernation when iTunes or UPnP AV Server is enabled.
[*][New Feature] OLED will show RAID degraded warning, and indicate rebuild progress.
[*][New Feature] Support Hitachi HDT721010SLA360 1TB HDD.
[*][New Feature] Can create up to 100 Samba users.
[*][New Feature] Email Alerts: Support Gmail
[*][New Feature] Email Alerts: Send email when detecting the RAID degraded status.
[*][New Feature] Email Alerts: Send Email when rebuild is done.
[*][New Feature] Email Alerts: Send logs by email.
[*][New Feature] Email Alerts: Extends the Sender's address limitation to 63 chars.
[*][New Feature] Removes DDNS timeout status setting from GUI and fixed to 576 hours, changes Status design.
[*][New Feature] Add "Reset Network Access List" button to reset to Open Mode, that is accessible by all users without password.
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed FTP Server related issue: Media files like .avi, .mp3 download incomplete issue.
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed FTP Server related issue: Filename other than English unable to download issue.
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed FTP Server related issue: FTP over Browser (IE or FireFox) failed to download file by Anonymous.
[*][Bug Fix] 1st HDD unable to sleep issue sometimes.
[*][Bug Fix] Hotplugging a drive causes 1st HDD unable to sleep issue.
[*][Bug Fix] Hotplugging a drive causes sending alert email continually.                     
[*][Bug Fix] Unable to upload more than 1 file to FTP Server (caused by new feature: FTP logging).
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed Newfoundland Time Zone issue.
[*][Bug Fix] FTP Server over SSL/TLS certificate expired issue.
[*][Bug Fix] Xbox 360 fails to play media files when the device's IP address including '0'.
[*][Bug Fix] ADS fails to work when the retrieve user name or group name from AD server has a space in between.
[*][Bug Fix] Disk formatting counter imprecise and always hanged at 94% issue.
[*][Bug Fix] Disk formatting error code returned capability.
[*][Bug Fix] When SMTP server set to Hinet, it failed to work when email account has dot.
[*][Bug Fix] Setup Wizard : there is a mysterious "DNS-343" located after the text and before the numbered items.
[*][Bug Fix] Device crashed when performing multiple accesses through Samba or FTP.
[*][Bug Fix] System time failed to update or sync with time server per day.
[*][Bug Fix] Fix Vista login issue.

Firmware: 1.02 - Date: 09/25/2008

[*][New Feature] Support ADS.
[*][New Feature] FTP Server support SSL/TLS.
[*][New Feature] FTP Server support Unicode.
[*][New Feature] Adds Auto Power Recovery, can be enabled via WebGUI.
[*][New Feature] Turn off Fan when the system temperature reached 43 degress Celcius : 43(OFF), 46(LOW), 49(HIGH).
[*][New Feature] User friendly GUI design for Time Settings
[*][New Feature] PnP-X support Vista 64-bits
[*][New Feature] Support XBox 360
[*][New Feature] Email Alert field accepts special chars like (! " $ % & ( ) ? )
[*][New Feature] Problems Resolved:
[*][New Feature] Workaround] Raid device offline in Raid1 or Raid5 with WD HDD
[*][New Feature] UPNP AV server now utilizing iNotify subsystem for media file changes
[*][Bug Fix] 1st HDD unable to sleep issue
[*][Bug Fix] Wizard : No password comparison when password field is empty
[*][Bug Fix] Admin Password : No comparison (match check) when new password
[*][Bug Fix] Time Settings : Timezone is changed to GMT +2:00 even if pc zone is +1:00
[*][Bug Fix] Email Alert : System temperature: Limit can't be set to 60 (only 61 =<),
[*][Bug Fix] Info text: "the temperature must be between 60-90 degrees",(Fahrenheit: same 140 <-> 141)

Firmware: 1.01 - Date: 05/23/2008

[*][New Feature] Fixed : single volume support over 2TB.
[*][New Feature] Adds hidden page for uP's version checked : http://xx.xx.xx.xx/web/version.asp
[*][Bug Fix] Samba configuration invalid(utf8-->cp850) after upgrading to v1.01 05/07/2008 f/w.
[*][Bux Fix] DDNS : Remove static DNS due to Dyndsn no longer offers this service

Firmware: 1.00 - Date: 04/24/2008

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