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My company got two Dlink DAP-2360 which bought by previous IT staffs. They are both connected to a PoE switch FSD-804P using same SSID to share LAN network for users.
Both of the APs IP addresses are lost.
According to the manual,
The LAN IP address is private to your internal network and cannot be seen on the Internet.
I scanned the LAN with network scanner and cannot find their IPs.

So how can I find out the APs' IP addresses and access the AP management interface?
Thank you.


have you enabled remote access management options on the DAP? You also might be behind a double NAT and you might need to open up ports to access it or put it in a DMZ.

I am not sure. Actually it is not setup by me.
Even though I disconnect the AP from the LAN and directly plug into my laptop to scan, I still cannot find the IP.->What kind of mode do you suspected it is in? AP mode/WDS with AP?
Is that if remote access management options not enabled, IP of the AP cannot be scanned?

Might need to do a factory reset on the DAP...

Can I use DHCP server to assign an ip to the AP device?


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