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DSR-500 and 500N Firmware Update

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Firmware: v2.11 B201C   11/9/2016 World Wide Region
DSR-500 and 500N Rev A Only!

49 new fixes. See release notes.

New Features:
1.   PPTP/L2TP VPN Client auto dial-in feature
2.   Userís group and groupís privileges edit support
3.   Updated max number of wireless clients
4.   Wireless IGMP Snooping support and Multicast to Unicast
5.   LAN IGMP Snooping support
6.   OSPF support on L2TP over IPsec
7.   Category filters for device logging
8.   Support configurable IPsec backup policy
9.   Support WCF 3-month trial license
10.   Support multiple OpenVPN clients with the same certificate
11.   Alerts via SMS for WAN/IPsec/CPU/RAM events
12.   Support source port configuration for custom services
13.   Multi-language support for DSR-250N B1
14.   Support Omni SSLVPN client
15.   Select verified DDNS services:
     a.   DynDNS
     b.   D-Link DDNS
     c.   FreeDNS
     d.   NO-IP
     e.   3322.org
     f.    Oray (existing in M7)
     g.   Custom

Get it here:
DSR 500N

Firmware: v2.12   08/14/2017 World Wide/RU Region
DSR-500 and 500N Rev A Only!

50 new fixes. See release notes.

New Features:
1. Static route can be displayed in Route Information.
2. 3G/4G dongle with PIN code password support.
3. DWM-222 4G LTE Dongle support
4. DWM-156 A8, DWM-157 C1 and DWM-158 E1 3G dongle support
5. PPTP/L2TP client support auto-connect option
6. Support single IP or IP range to be Whitelist and Blacklist for URL filtering and Web Content Filtering

Known Issues:
1. Unable to perform Reboot/Factory Reset/Download Debug logs from GUI.
2. Unable to connect wireless clients on untagged interface when SSID is configured with trunk mode.
3. InterVLAN firewall rules are not getting updated properly in back-end afterchanging the LAN/VLAN subnet.
4. WAN PPTP is not getting up after firmware upgrade from remote side.
5. Unable to access SIM card authentication page after reboot the device.
6. [RU firmware] Able to see login password as Plaintext in HTTP packet.
7. [RU firmware] In-bound Firewall rule is deleted from backend if users try to edit the rule from CLI.
8. DWM-156 A8 and DWM-157 C1 donít support PIN code password.
9. Unable to redirect https web site after Captive Portal log in.
10. Unable to forward DHCP port 67 sometimes.
11. Able to reply port status for TCP port 1394 and UDP port 5353.
12. Serial Number and Key value in GUI CA certification is not changed after factory reset.

Get it here:
DSR 500N

Firmware: v2.13   06/26/2018 World Wide/RU Region
DSR-500N Rev A1 Only!

DSR-500n v2.13WW Release Notes

Get it here:
DSR 500N  < world wide only (non-Russian)

This product has been discontinued.
Free support for this product will end on 02/28/2021


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