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Standard TCP/UDP ports for D-Link Cameras

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I have 3 DCS 920 and I would need to configure it to the 2Wire (2701 HGV-E) SingTel MIO wireless router.

I know that the first camera ports should be TCP 80 & UDP 554. What should I put for the subsequent 2 cameras for their individual TCP & UDP settings?

Also, should I be using static IP or dynamic IP?


You should just be able to open port 80 to access your camera. When you add another camera just enable the second http port and select any port then 80. The rule is just to have each camera on a different port 80, 81, and 82 will work.

Ok, 80 - 82 are TCP ports, how about UDP ports? What am I supposed to key in? 80 - 82 as well? I doubt so.

They should be open TCP and UDP for the second HTTP port. All traffic to and from this camera is done on this port.

so UDP ports should follow the same as TCP? which mneans first UDP port is 81, 2nd UDP port is 82 and 3rd UDP port is 83?


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