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3 Dap-2555 on same floor, clients are having issues connecting

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I'm at the end of my rope with the DAP-2555 I cant find out what is going wrong
I have 3 AP on each floor. The Floor is 180'ft long and 110'ft wide with the building core in the center.
I stared with only 2 AP on a half of the floor last summer and WI-FI work well back then. When we got a suite next to us and wifi signal was week over there so put a 3rd AP on the far end over there. Now the issues have not stop. The client using  the wifi  is around 20-30 while the network whent from 60 to 300

Product info:

3 DAP-2555 on my top floor
3 DAP-255 on 2 floors down
All the firmware is at v111rc013
CC agent 1.2.39

Each AP broadcast the same SSID
Each AP is on its own channel
I had them to cloud commander but  after all the kick back I pulled them off of it. that cut back the number of issues by half

Then Issues:
DCHP dose not pass though sometime -
Some time the AP do not pass thought the DHCP IP address to the client.
hack fix
A) Stacie assign a IP addres to client
B) Reboot the AP and kick everyone off the AP point

Mac cannot connect -
When trying to connect to the WIFI network with a MAC it will freeze the Mac or just not work
(I have no idea what would couse this. I am reporting on the issue that I am having with the DAP-2555)

Slow to no network-
Some time when clients move around the floor with there laptops the connection to the net starts to slow then stop but the wifi signal is strong and still has a valid IP
hack fix
 Have the client compliantly reboot the laptop this works about half the time also wifi disable and enable dose not work.

If anyone have any idea in what could be going one here please chime in.

What wireless modes are you using?
Try single mode N or mixed G and B? Is there a single mode G or Mixed G and N option on this DAP?
What security mode are you using? Preferred security is WPA-Personal. WPA2/Auto TPIK and AES. Try single mode TPIK or AES only.

Any cordless house phones?
Any other WiFi routers in the area? Use InSSIDer to find out.
Turn off Short GI and Extra Wireless Protection if you have it.

Wireless mode Access point

Single mode Mixed N,G,B
Single mode options
*Mixed N,G,B
*Mixed G and B
*only n 

WPA mode: WPA2 only
AES  only

No, there are no Cordless phone in my suite
they have wireless head sets but those are on 1.9GHz

Any other WiFi routers in the area?
Yes there are it is fighting with about 7 other AP networks but this is not much i can do about that
and yes they are on about every channel

I will try truing off the short GI
I don't think i have any Extra Wireless protection.

Be aware that other Wifi in the area on 2.4Ghz can and will have an impact on connections and DAP performance. Were starting to see this issue in heavy wifi congested areas, cities and neighborhoods.

I would try testing all DAPs on Single mode N then try Mixed G and B only. I wish there was only G option. However this might help narrow down some issues. Use that application and find the best channels that are not in use or have low signals using them.

You might also try to lower the power out put of the DAPs if you have this option and make the broadcast foot print smaller for your area.


I have gone though on my own and try playing with cutting the power levels but with no real luck on solving the issues.

I will go ahead and play with the single mode settings.

I have been working with InSSid and wifi analyzer

I will post my results of: GI off, mode changes, power levels,and  asking my Neighbors to stop blasting there WIFI though 2 floors of concert


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