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I have just installed a pair of these Powerline network adapters and must say I am most impressed!  i have bypassed my old telecomms wiring and gained an increase in DSL speed and stability.

However one niggle....part of my lan includes a satellite receiver (Freesat,uk) made by Bush (FreesatHD); this refuses to acknowledge the i/net connection used to access the BBC IPlayer.  Freesat works with a direct connection from my P661H-D gateway but not at all via the Powerline.

Not the end of the world, but certainly a disappointment on an otherwise excellent product.

Thanks for any comments.

I see that there have been f/ware updates in 2011.  Is there a revision list anywhere so that I may see whether my issue is covered. (Also, update guide would be helpful).

Very pleased to proffer a solution to my problem!! Dumped  the Bush Freesat-HD unit and replaced with a Humax. Better all round with total compatibility with PowerLine!  Clearly the Bush product is not fully AV compatible.


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