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Using more then two PowerLine adapters



I have 4 DHP-306AV adapters. They were bought in pairs of two. My problem is that they only work with the other adapter they came with. If I connect one of them to my ISP's router and two others to two different computers, I only get internett on the one adapter that came with the one that's connected to the router.

Isn't it possible to have one adapter connected to the ISP's router, providing Internet to two other adapters elsewhere in the house?

Doctor Doom:
Using more than 2 adapters should not be a problem. Have you secured them? If the security does not match between all the powerline adpaters it will not work.

You can try doing the simple connect procedure outlined in the manual and do all nodes at the same time (within 2 minutes). Also if you still have issues, try using the powerline utility to see if the utility detects all the adapters. If not swap them around to use the process of elimination to determine if one is faulty.


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