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DNS ShareCenter - Mapping a Volume using Windows


This procedure is designed to map DNS series device volumes using Windows


* Step 1a: For Windows XP, Click Start and Click Run ,and type \\IP of DNS-320/321/323/325/343 (eg. \\\Volume_1) and press OK.

* Step 1b: For Vista or Win7 this command line is located right above the Windows Button.

* Step 2: Right Click the drive/folder in which to access and Select Map Network Drive (Volume_1 used in this example).

* Step 3: Choose Drive letter to Map Drive and select Connect using a different user name If credentials are required or just click Finish if users have not been created.

* Step 4: Enter the Username and Password for the selected folder.

* Step 5: Click OK.
* Step 6: Click Finish.
* The Drive is now mapped and Accessible.


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