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DNS ShareCenter - Standard Volume to RAID-1 Conversion


This procedure is designed for DNS series device owners who have a HDD configured as a Standard Volume and purchased two new HDDs and want to:

* Transfer existing data from the old HDD to one of the new HDDs
* Convert the two new HDDs to a RAID-1 array

Follow these steps in sequence:

* The new HDDs should be unformatted prior to starting this procedure (i.e. remove existing partitions prior to starting this procedure)
* Power-down the DNS series device
* Install one of the two new HDDs in an open slot of the DNS-series device
* Power-up the DNS series device
* Configure the new HDD as a Standard Volume
* Transfer the data from the legacy HDD to the new HDD
* Power-down the DNS series device
* Remove the legacy HDD and install the second new HDD in the open slot
* Power-up the DNS series device
* The DNS series device should provide an option to create a RAID-1 array (select this option)

* This procedure will work with the DNS-320, DNS-321, DNS-323, DNS-325, and DNS-343.
* Store the legacy HDD containing your original data in a safe place as a backup


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