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DSL-2740R now won't give access to the internet!

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I am at the end of my tether with this router.  Unfortunately if I have to send it back the company Kikatech who I bought it of are not a very good company for returns.  Wish I hadn't touched them at all!!  But I am here now and have to resolve the problems.  It has been constantly dropping my internet link for some while and it usually hasn't taken long before I got it back again.  Today it dropped the link and I can't gain access to the internet with it.  Fortunately I have an old router (not wireless) I quickly swapped to allow me access to my emails etc.  The light is constantly red and therefore telling me no access.  So if anyone has any ideas that will resolve my problems and I don't have to deal with Kikatech's poor return policy I would be grateful.  I have Win7 64bit and hoping that some nice person has the answer to my problems.  I need the wireless router as the laptop needs constant access to the internet.  I am on the main comp and the present router has only one link to it, so pretty poor really.  Counting on you guys  - thanks

Have you verified that your DSL signal is good with the ISP?
Ensure that any of your phone lines that are connected and host are filtered correctly along with the phones themselves if you have any analog phones connected?

Have you verified that your account information is entered correctly for the DSL acct into the 2740?

I have done all that and put the old wired router on.  The old wired router works constantly and doesn't breakup like this does.  I have done firmware updates, but it would only except the first one.  It rejected the others, obviously they are not required.  I changed all the ASDL cable links and they work fine, even the old ones as we use telephone lines to have broadband, it is not cable service.

What old router where you using? What is a DSL MODEM as well?

The old unit is Voyager 210 ADSL.  I had it the first time I went on broadband, but needed to have a wireless setup. It works extremely well and has never let me down.  When the old routers have packed up I get this one out.


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