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--- Quote from: andro2014 on September 01, 2014, 05:36:58 PM ---I wish to win battle with ****py sound like in this video :

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It's hard to discern the referenced noise from that video, as most recording devices will pick up some form of ambient noise.  :-\

FYI. I have two 930L and one 2332L. The mic on the 930L is horrible. The mic on the 2332L is very good.


--- Quote from: rstark18 on September 04, 2014, 12:18:07 PM ---FYI. I have two 930L and one 2332L. The mic on the 930L is horrible. The mic on the 2332L is very good.

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If that's the case, then the delta could be a HW issue.

Below is a summary of everyone's input thus far. Please let me know if I over generalized, misrepresented, or missed anyone's concerns and I'll refresh the list with updates. Recent items are highlighted in green.

If any items in the wishlist were fixed by the latest firmware, please post and I'll update!

DCS-930L Wishlist

[*]General - Ability to save a user defined default value (ActiveX or Java) for LIVE VIDEO > Camera > FUNCTION
[*]General - Add control for user language
[*]General - Add log file generation
[*]General - Add more detail to status page (e.g. email enabled, ftp enabled, motion detection enabled)
[*]General - Disable telnet and enable SSH for command line access
[*]General - Exposure setting dropdown menu with stepwise 0.5 EV unit increments from 02.5 to +2.5 EV
[*]General - Include more segmentation for the FTP file name date/time suffix: e.g. change "DCS-930L_2011090114562601.jpg" to "DCS-930L_20110901_14562601.jpg" or "DCS-930L_2011.0901.1456.2601.jpg"
[*]General - LED Control - Option to enable the green LED for local access, remote access, or both and display different flash patterns depending on whether the camera is locally vs remotely accessed
[*]General - Option to include date and time stamps on captured images
[*]General - OSD Date/Time with formatting options
[*]General - Status page containing the number and type of connections currently served and actual time/operational status (Current JavaScript implementation falsely reports connection time by incrementing counter when camera is powered off)
[*]General - Time Zone configuration does not function properly. When timezone is changed, the device gets confused and fails to sync the correct time
[*]FTP - Ability to maintain an FTP'd image history for a user defined period (e.g. 24 hours) whereby older images are automatically deleted, ensuring no more than a fixed number of images are maintained on the destination server at any given time
[*]FTP - FTPS support
[*]FTP - Maintain open FTP session until all images from the motion detection event are pushed to the server (rather than open/close, open/close, open/close, etc)
[*]FTP - Option to set a user-defined duration for images to push to an FTP location following a motion detection event (e.g. 3 minutes)
[*]FTP - Store FTP test file in the folder created by selecting the "Test" option under "TEST FTP SERVER" (selcting "Test" currently creates a new folder and store the FTP test file in the root of the FTP server "Host Name" + "Path", leaving the test folder empty)
[*]FTP - Test failure messages should display the cause of failure (e.g."server not found", "unknown username", "bad password");  the current messaging "Failed" provides little diagnostic value
[*]FTP - Test message should appear on the FTP setup page following refresh (currently requires iterating through multiple pages)
[*]Image - Add ability to rotate image 90 and 270 degrees (in addition to "Flip Image")
[*]Image - Option to save different settings for Day Mode vs. Night Mode (e.g. contract and brightness)
[*]Motion Detection - Include a text string in the email notifications indicating the motion detection grid area(s) breached during a motion detection event
[*]Motion Detection - Motion detection indicator integrated in the web interface to more easily (and accurately) adjust sensitivity
[*]Motion Detection - Option to FTP images immediately before and after a motion detection event (similar to the current email option)
[*]mydlink - mydlink registration independent of device configuration wizard
[*]Security - Ability to disable broadcasting of video/audio feed (i.e. to prevent potential hijacking of feed)
[*]Security - Enable LED whenever web UI or .../jpeg.cgi (screenshot) URL is accessed
[*]Security - Hide pre-shared key (i.e. do not display as plain text)
[*]Security - Support for secure broadcasting of video/audio feed (SSL, HTTPS)
[*]Security - Support for special characters in the WPA password
[*]Video - Add "2" FPS option to the FPS drop-down menu (currently 1, 5, 7, 15, 20, 30)
[*]Video - RTSP Streaming (.cgi is not the best solution for protocols like VLC)
[*]Video - The "Zoom" function in the web UI should magnify the video image from the center of the frame rather than the top left corner
[*]Bug - Address the ClassNotFoundException error associated with motion detection and Java (without the need for end users to employ a workaround fix)

Wishlist Items Addressed by D-Link (Thank You!)

[*]General - Daylight savings time support
[*]General - User password length too short
[*]Motion Detection - Motion detection email on a user defined schedule
[*]Motion Detection - Motion detection FTP on a schedule
[*]Motion Detection - User defined frame capture rate for motion detection emails and FTP posts (independent of FPS)
[*]Motion Detection - User defined minimal interval between motion detection FTP posts and emails (to avoid flood of emails during a prolonged motion detection event) (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 minutes) [FIXED!]
[*]Audio - Resolve intermittent background audio clicking [FIXED!]
[*]General - Admin password length too short [FIXED!]
[*][Bug] Password - Passwords created that exceed the maximum length (8 characters) are not rejected, only the first 8 characters are accepted (firmware should reject the password and generate an error message) [FIXED!]

Hi! It would be great to add:
Email Notification - Ability to send email notifications to multiple email addresses.



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