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932L - Not supported by D-ViewCam WHS


I have a DSC-932L, which works fine with mydlink, mydlink-lite (iPhone) and the regular PC version of D-ViewCam.

However, I really need it to work with my home server (Windows Home Server, WHS) rather than a PC.
I tried using the WHS software here:
However, the 932 isn't yet listed as a compatible product (although the older 920 is).
I tried connecting to my camera anyway... and was unable to.  (The D-ViewCam WHS software correctly identifies it as a 932L, but always relies that my id/password are incorrect (which is not true).)

Any tips on getting the 932L working with D-ViewCam WHS?

I use an open source (free) application called iSpy instead of D-ViewCam for my DCS-932L. The developer offers desktop and server based versions of the application. The desktop version is superior to D-ViewCam in every way, but I haven't had the opportunity to use the server-side application.


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