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Allocating set amounts of bandwidth to the wireless network and cable clients


Greetings, D-linkers
I've just acquired a DIR-635 for my new 100/100 mbit line, and the router is working flawlessly. Thanks, D-Link!

However, I would like to fine-tune the bandwidth allocated to the different connected clients. I've been told this is possible, but not how to do it.

Ideally, I'd like to dedicate 20/20 megabits to the wireless connection (used for smartphones, visiting laptops, etc), and 40/40 megabits each to the two ethernet clients (two computers connected via cables).

How would I go about doing this?


You can't actually set aside bandwidth for devices perse, however you can use QoS Engine to help manage all the devices using the bandwidth when they are online at the same time so they effectively get fair amounts of bandwidth depending on priority level set.


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