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DIR-635 - DHCP-related problem


I'm getting sick and tired with this. Every now and then, some of my wireless clients are dropped out of WiFi and usually I cannot get reconnection during the same. Even a full reset of DIR-635 did not help.
From the log I see something like:

 "Dropped packet from to (IP protocol 17)
  as unable to create new session"

Soon after the mac of failing device has been associate.

That was the "false" IP that the client claims to have. Apparently, DHCP did not give proper IP address.

I have tried both static (reserved) and dynamic address allocation - no difference.
This has happened to several devices - so I cannot blame one. I'm not sure if this has happened to any other device type but Window7 laptops.

Every now and then I have used, DWL-G710 range expander, but at least the problem does not disappear if I unplug it.

I think I have only seen this when more than one client is connected and using DIR-635.

What is the solution? Buy another brand to replace D-link DIR-635?

My DIR635 is connected to an ADSL-modem, but that is behind NAT. I cannot get IP address on the local 192.168.0....  range

This discussion maybe related:
but do not provide help.

Need to bridge the DSL modem and this might resolved the issue. IP Protocol 17 is a DSL Modem connection issue.


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