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DWL-7700AP Hard Reset?

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Sorry, this post if offtopic and in the wrong forum, but I cannot find an adequate forum, not one where I can actually POST this help request. Sorry mods, please feel free to move or create the right child category. anyway...

Can someone tell me how I can do a hardware reset on this AP (DWL-7700AP). We have a unit in our hardware demo room which was configured by a predecessor but there was no info transfer when he left.  Now I can't reset this device to get into the configuration.

I went through all documents and internet search to no avail. This unit is out of warranty, so opening it up (if need be) is not an issue.

Thank you!

There a button in back?

You could try from the devices menu as showed here:

This is the unit in question:

There is absolutely no button anywhere on this housing; this unit is meant to be installed outdoors. You would think Dlink would have provided something for a hard reset but there is nothing anywhere on it.

Apparently you have to send it in to get it reset; I'm looking for alternate solutions and will probably open this baby up soon enough to get to the guts and see if I can do it this way.

Thanks anyway though. :)

Can you get to the devices menu to reset it?


--- Quote from: FurryNutz on April 04, 2011, 11:40:13 AM ---Can you get to the devices menu to reset it?

--- End quote ---

I can't get into the menu because I don't have the admin password, this is why I'm looking for a hardware reset button as it will reset it to a blank password. :(


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