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Scanner > DUB-H7 > DIR 635 - not possible?


I plugged an DLink USB-Hub H7 to the USB-Port of my DLink Router DIR635. Attached to this USB-Hub I wanted to run an USB-Printer and a USB-Scanner. I use the DLink-Software SharePort to connect two PC to the devices. While the USB-Printer (Brother HL2030) works fine, I have massive problems with my USB-Scanner (Canon CanoScan N670U).

As soon as I plug the Scanner to the Hub it is correctly recognized as Canon Scanner and it is possibile to connect the scanner with Shareport. Each time I connect it, there are its typically movements to be heard - same as you can hear, when you plug it directly to the pc.

When I start a scanning job it does not even get to 1% of the scan job. If I choose the "Preview" instead, it works to about 50% of the scan job, but also fails and ends up in an error message:

In german it is said:
"Keine Rückmeldung vom Scanner.
Möglicherweise ist die Kabelverbindung unterbrochen.
Überprüfen Sie die Verbindung.
Der Scannertreiber wird beendet.
Code: 2,155,0"

In eglish this should be said like:
"No response from the scanner.
Cable connection could be lost.
Check you connection.
The scandriver is exiting.
Code: 2,155,0"

I just have the option to click "Ok".
After that another error-window comes up saying:

(in german)
"Fehler bei der TWAIN Datenübertragung."

(in english it maybe like)
"Error in the TWAIN Datatransmission."

What did I do so far?

I tried to scan with a different scan software but hat same effects - doesnt work.

I plugged the scanner directly to the router (without the USB-Hub in between) but connecting with shareport and everything works great.

I attached the Scanner to the USB-Hub and plugged the HUB directly to my PC. Again everythings fine.

So it looks to me that there is something wrong in the communication between the hub and the router.

Do you have an idea what it could be and (primarily) what I can do?

Thanks in advance


Hi Drjizzocyst,

thanks for your reply!

I thought the traffic between PC and USB-Port of the DLink 635 is internal only...
Do these rules for portforwarding also work internally? The router-firewall does not recognize traffic on the USB-Port in his logs (all log-options active) when I use the scanner (scanner directly connected to the usb-port on Dir635).

My Scanner is not mentioned in the list on
How can I identify the ports, my scanner is using?
Do you know?

Thanks and regards


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