• August 21, 2019, 04:31:00 PM
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Author Topic: Interesting permissions observation between vista and xp (Vista works!)  (Read 2466 times)


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Sorry for the crosspost but I think this may also affect the dns-323 (which I also have but it is still in the box).

I've been having permissions issues with my DNS-321 box since I got it.  First thing I did when I got the box was to upgrade to 1.01 (need it to support 1.5T drives - works great).  I have two seagate 1.5T drives in a raid 1 configuration.  Once I assign permission to my "volume_1" volume, I can no longer access that volume on my xp laptop so I have to do a factory reset and keep it open to "ALL".

I happen to be playing with the dns-321 on my vista box playing with permissions again.  To my surprise, I can see the dns-321's "volume_1" by typing in the credentials for any user I created on the dns-321.  Remember, I could not get this to work on xp.  Everything works fine in vista! I used a program that required access to the shared drives and it asked me for credentials.  I entered invalid ones and as expected, I couldn't get in.  I entered a valid user, but wrong password, and as expected, I couldn't get in.  I then entered correct credentials for all two of my defined users (that i defined in the dns-321 web interface) and I was able to get in.

I tried the same procedure on the xp laptop and I just can not get it to work.

My thoughts are:  my vista machine is under WORKGROUP and my xp laptop is under my work domain.  However, when I provide credentials, It shouldn't matter because I explicitly am using the same ones by specifying the domain.  Then I realize no matter what I typed on the vista machine for the domain, I can always get in as long as the username and password is correct... so, this works on the vista machine:
user: gary
pass: mypassword

user: inspiron530/gary
pass: mypassword

and surprisingly
user: blah/gary
pass: mypassword

blah is not valid.

None of these work on my xp laptop.  The behavior I want is that of the vista machine.
Can anyone shed some insight on this? The permissions work wonderfully on the vista
machine and not on the XP machine.  XP has service pack 2 installed.  Perhaps I need to
update something? Vista is the home edition (32 bit) with _I think_ service pack 1.