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DSN-2100 boot failure

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Dear all

I have DSN-2100-10 xStack storage.

I made shutdown to the device and tried to turn it on again but it doesn't respond. Also I ping to the management port it replies for few minutes then it request times out and then replies again. the device seems like restarting.
I tried to open the management console but it donít work. I found the following at the browser :
Please wait while the xStack Storage starts up

0 - Processing: Make RAM-disk directory
1 - Processing: Initialize signals
2 - Processing: Setup shared memory segment
3 - Processing: Get hardware info
4 - Processing: Reset 18K
5 - Processing: Open ichar device
6 - Processing: Initialize the system momory and Enable the Buffer Memory
7 - Processing: Create the Buffer memory block device and filesystem
8 - Processing: Run application - mytest2
9 - Processing: Install HACC driver
10 - Processing: Inialize Email Noticiation Thread
11 - Processing: Run application - msm
12 - Processing: Inialize MMSG socket
13 - Processing: Check the emp log file
14 - Processing: Run application - emp
15 - Processing: Skip starting emp -other
16 - Processing: Run application -isnsc
17 - Processing: Run zebra
18 - Processing: Run ripd
19 - Processing: Run application - cmapMain
20 - Processing: Initialize batter manager
21 - Processing: Run applicaiton - cimserver
22 - Processing: Run web server
23 - Processing: Run SSL web server
24 - Processing: Setup the 18K
25 - Processing: Load 18k firmware

The system just hangs here, and does not continue booting

so please i need your help to solve this issue also the device contains backup files that i need.

I have the issue right now !!
any suggestion please.

thanks in advance.

I recommend that you phone contact your regional D-Link support office and ask for help and information regarding this. We find that phone contact has better immediate results over using email.
Let us know how it goes please.
Thank you Mr. FurryNutz for your replying

I think it's very hard to contact with them via phone.

I have to find a solution here or somewhere.


What is your region location?


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