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DWA-131 is Enabled but won't connect to internet


Hi all,

I recently bought a DWA 131 USB net adapter because I was having problems finding net adapters that would work well with Windows 7 (I'm running Win 7 Ultimate, 32 bit). I installed the USB adapter with no problems, and in the Windows Network and Sharing Center, it says the device is "working properly" and is "Enabled".

The problem is that even though there's an active wireless network available, the DWA-131 won't connect to it. When I enable it, then it shows no networks available. When I try my old Airlink 101 adapter, it works just fine and has no problem finding the wireless network (but it's slow, it's an old adapter). If the DWA-131 is installed, enabled and working properly, why the heck is it not seeing the wireless network that's available??

So please, any advice? I have no idea what to do here.


I have a same problem and i have tested dongle in another computer with Vista and itīs working fine. I have windows 7 professional 64-bit.


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