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Unable to get more than 7.15 Mbps, other adapters get 11Mbps, help?



     Just purchased a DWA-131 "minuscule" wireless usb adapter. Downloaded latest driver from Dlink for Windows 7 64 bit OS, it was version 1.20 I believe. Installed and connected quickly to my router. I disabled the on-board adapter. However, multiple speeds test never get over 7.15 Mbps, while a Netgear Wireless N gets 11.65 Mbps. I have 12Mbps DSL. Any ideas or help appreciated!

I just bought this today and I'm kinda in the same boat. My on-board integrated "G" will download at about 600KB consistently, but I'm only getting 1/2 that with this thing.

Yeah that's similar, but way worse than my situation. The 7.15 MBps is roughly the 54 Mb(its)ps advertised on wireless G products. So for some reason this N device is only performing to G standards. =(


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