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DSL-2640B - how to configure QOS


Andy Ng:

Just got a DSL-2640B that came with my ISP package. The DSL-2640B Web Base configuration is pretty straight except the QOS. I cannot seems to find any detail documentation on this and I am not sure if the way I setup is correct. Can anyone help me configure QOS for the following:-

My setup.

DSL-2640B connected to a ADSL 4MB WAN

I wish to configure the following:-

1. Wireless (Any IP)                  - Highest priority
2. Daddy's PC (       - 2nd priority
3. Kids's PC (          - 3rd priority
4. NAS Bittorrent                      - Lowest priority

I tried to configure but still not sure if it is correct.

Andy Ng

Did you ever get this configured?
I have a 2640u and QoS is very hard to understand, there is almost NO documentation on it.



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