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Required Fedora Linux driver DWA 125 USB WiFi Adapter

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I want driver for DWA 125 USB wifi adapter. I tried with Ralink RT3070 driver since the chip inside the D-link Wifi is Ralink chipset RT2870/3070.

Even afte make & make install, the device is just blinking /

If I give command as iwconfig inet <our IP> up... it is not working....

Please give correct solution.. how to proceed with.

Fedora FC 12 of Kernel version 2.6.31

M. Prev Ravanth

"make" and "make install" isn't all you have to do...

Did both commands finish successfully?

Did you load the module?

Do you get any kernel messages?

Do you get an associated wireless device under your iwconfig?

Thanks for your reply,

make , make install,  already done.

insmod RT3070.ko was also done.

after that ifconfig wlan0 inet <my ip> up command says that error.

M. Prev Ravanth

What was the text of that error?

Any kernel messages?

So you do see a wlan0 interface if you just do a iwconfig?

say tht SSOIDFLAGS ( afraid of spelling missing )

directory or file not found error message is coming


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