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DGE-530T - Is NIC Teaming available in Windows7?



**Posting here since I'm not sure where the appropriate board would be for the DGE-530T**

I've just insalled a fresh copy of Windows7 Prof. 32bit on a PC that was formally running WindowsXP.  This PC has two DGE-530T adapters that were successfully Teamed under WindowsXP.

I've now installed the latest Windows Vista drivers to support Windows7 (believe this is the only option), along with the only avlailable copy of the Dlink Network Control Program(NCP.)

Now under Windows7, I do not see the "Team" tab, or the function anywhere in the configuration options.  Would anyone know how I can go about configuring Teaming in this situation?

Thanks much for your help.

That NIC doesn't support teaming. It has to be available in the driver.

It seems they took teaming out of Win 7, I have a board that has 2 onboard NVidia NICs and use to team under XP and Vista.  I noticed that the teaming was gone in the Betas and RC of 7 also.  So it seems to have been killed off.


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