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Title: Why do cloud cameras NOT wor with mydlink?
Post by: MikeSD on April 07, 2019, 07:04:21 PM
I go to my web portal and to view my cameras, and the cloud cameras have a notice that I have to download an app to my phone to view those cameras.  Ridiculous.

Are those cloud cameras only useful, with the App (like the DCS-8010LH)? 

Those cloud cameras seem to be only useful, with a paid subscription.  Have I wasted my money buying one of those?  I do NOT want to be tied to any subscriptions. 

Example: My DCS-936L (almost identical to DCS-8010LH)
* can be viewed and controlled by the web portal. 
* It can also be accessed directly, via any browser.
* It can also be setup to send push notifications, on motion detection.

Can the 8010LH do any of this?  I've tried setting  a motion detection, on the 8010LH, but I get no notifications, and don't see anywhere where I can setup places to send videos or store videos, or sent push messages to any phone I like, as I can with the DCS-936L.

What am I missing here?