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Title: Can't register on myDLink site using wizard.
Post by: DarioV on November 23, 2014, 11:33:32 AM
Hallo, I'd like to know if someone has a solution for the following.
I need to join a DCS-492L camera to my LAN using a wireless connection and I need to have local and remote access (through mydlink.com site).

The problem is that If I use the wizard it set as default cryptography the protocol WPA2-AES but I can only connect to my router using WPA-TKIP protocol.

Of course I can successfully join the camera to my network by using the camera control panel and force the TKIP protocol, but I can't use the wizard so I can't  automatically register my camera to mydlink.com site to gain remote access.
Any idea? There is an alternative method to register the camera (the control panel doesn't have such option).

Thank you.