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Title: Cloud NAS server Security
Post by: funkyjunky on October 01, 2013, 03:39:16 AM
Sorry if this covered elsewhere, but I am looking for some reassurances about the security of the DLINK Cloud storage solutions.

I now have a large amount of data on a disk, which I have made available for external access (via mydlink.com) though my firewall (by enabling port forwarding to it)

My question is "How secure is this"

I assume all request to access it (from my iPhone app and web browser), have to go through mdlink.com, so assume that is the potential weakest link? (protected my just username and password). Is this the case. I would like to have more secure credentials.

My other question is now, how vulnerable is my internal network and DLINK NAS server from direct hacking (without going through mydlink.com) Is this possible, what is the security and authentication that is used between the mydlink server and my NAS.

Many thanks