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Title: Which PC program do you use to view your video files?
Post by: RYAT3 on March 10, 2013, 08:23:02 PM
This is with H264 ENCODING for DCS-2132L and DCS-5222L.

My Windows Vista 32 bit laptop (2008)-

1) Windows Media Player 11.0.6002.18311 - locks up randomly and I have to end process (sometimes several time in a row!) , but I get audio and video.
2) DIVX video player ( http://www.divx.com ), plays great, put no audio, I have to deal with a popup each video, "Error 69, Player does not recognize the audio in this video. Additional Software is required to play. It may be available from the DivX support website."  - Which I've been too, and doesn't help out.  (Have tried both audio encodings).  Maybe they want me to install Quicktime.  I haven't installed Quicktime because it is so freaking slow on my PC(s) and not worth the auto-update hassles that always pop up.

The same thing happens with DivX on 32 bit Windows XP (2006). (Audio Error).
WMP:  I need to verify my Windows Media player which I haven't bothered to yet, since I don't need it.  (if my system is valid, why do I need to re-verify to get windows media player?!)...
Creative CMS player and Nero player - I haven't tested.

I should probably give VLC media player a try on my Vista system.  That might work and not get hung up every 7 videos ....