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Title: Inter-VLAN Routing in DES6500
Post by: Adams on February 22, 2012, 05:26:18 AM
Dear all

I have Dlink DES6500 Layer 3 switch connected to sex DGS3100 switches.

I need to implement Inter-VLAN routing

I have created the required VLANs (VLAN-10, VLAN-11 . . .) in the DGS3100 switches and in the DES6500

switch with the corresponding logical interfaces IP addresses.

VLAN-10 (> IF_VLAN-10:

VLAN-11 (> IF_VLAN-11:

Can anyone help how to make packets from VLAN-10 reach VLAN-11.

How to make routing between different VLAN in the Layer 3 DES6500 switch

I have only found link aggregation in the DES6500 and this is nothing to do with trunking

Any Suggestion would be highly appreciated
Many Thanks