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Title: SSL certificate for HTTPS admin server is expired, invalid, and has poor issuer
Post by: diablodale on December 09, 2008, 07:28:02 PM
Hello. When I enabled the HTTPS server in the tools, admin, administration section I found that the SSL certificate which appears baked in the firmware has the following three issues:

The certificated expired on 9/4/2008
The certificate was issued to only be valid for www.dlink.com (rather than, for example,
The certificate was issued by DLink themselves which is not a known and trusted certificate authority.

Since having/implementing the feature of SSL implies that DLink wants to provide a secure environment, I look forward to a future firmware where that SSL security is implemented with a current and valid SSL certificate for the appropriate server by a known certificate authority.

Yes, I know that the IP address isn't the appropriate thing to put in the cert. I suggest a FQDN which the DNS server in the router would map to itself.