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Title: Remote Manage connect issue
Post by: wrcaz on December 29, 2009, 12:59:28 PM
Trying to set up my router so that I can access it and manage it while on the road if my family is having issues.  I turned on remote management  and selected a port that is not blocked by my ISP.  I type my ISP IP with the port number following  123.456.789.01:88  from an outside network and it will not connect.  I set up port forwarding to the port using the routers IP and get the same cannot connect page.  I even put the router IP into the DMZ.  I can ping my ISP IP no issue it just won't get through to the router.  Testing the port availability from another network it is not rejected but it is refused so the ISP is not blocking th eport that I selected, it is just not accepting the incoming request.
It is a D1 model router with 4.13 firmware.