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Title: SSL VCA installation
Post by: brucesimpson on November 24, 2009, 10:30:36 AM
I install the "dir130_virtual_connect_adapter_utility_100_beta.exe" that comes with the beta installation. There are no errors when installing. When I connect to the Dir-130 using https://x.x.x.x and the Java application runs, it wants to install the VCA application agian. It will not recognize that the VCA is already installed. When I run the java install I get an error " VCA installation is missing files. Please use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall it then open a new browser to reinstall VCA Utiltiy."
If I us the Add/Remove Programs to remove the VCA and then connect agian (after a reboot) the results are the same.
How does one fix this?
Title: Re: SSL VCA installation
Post by: Fatman on November 24, 2009, 10:53:53 AM
To be blunt, this feature is very beta.  I did a quick test, got myself connected, and haven't touched it since.  I would love to see your solution if you find the problem though...