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Title: How to configure for PPTP VPN
Post by: bushmaster2000 on November 09, 2009, 12:28:16 PM
I spent the weekend wracking my head trying to get a solid vpn connection to a new pptp server i'd setup.  I could connect and get on the network but the connection would disconnect after 20 seconds.  The server logs said the client initiated the disconnect.

So here are two non-obvious things I had to tweak to get a solid PPTP VPN through the DGL-4500

In Advanced > Firewall at the bottom under application gateway uncheck PPTP and L2TP

Second change was

In Advanced > Virtual Server setup a rule for IP 47 (which isn't an option) so what you do is
   Click enable
   Give the rule a name like IP47
   IP Address, specify the computer you're going to VPN from
   Protocol : set it to other, then to the left type in 47
   Then click add

Of course also in this Virtual Server setup screen you'll setup a rule for PPTP as well which is straight forward, there's an option for it in the pull down.

Making these changes i've got a solid VPN tunnel at last.