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Title: The thruth is that WBR-2310 (rev A) is not wireless !
Post by: LeSid on October 18, 2009, 08:05:54 AM
I have a wbr-2310 for more than 2 years and the wireless never worked properly.

As i read all the posts on that subject, I realized that i didn't bought the good hardware. WBR-2310 is not a wireless router.

And i am not alone !

Last week ,a coworker ask me to help him with wireless issues he has been encountered. With no surprise i found out that the router he own is a WBR-2310. (rev A) Since the warranty was still effective, I've told him to ask for a refund immediately.

I hope that will help new customers, because it is too late for me.

I am tired to try configurations and firmware versions. I give up and i went wired instead of wireless.

My only hope is that DLINK will take is responsability and finally correct the problem in the next firmware.