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Title: Permissions on sub-directory not properly inherited - backups silently failing
Post by: monitor35 on December 21, 2007, 06:08:29 AM
Hi all, I love my 323, but I have some weird behaviour lately. We had a power outage last week which removed all the scheduled backups from the 323 config. They just disappeared.... all the other config remained though, which wqas the puzzling thing.
Anyway, I re-setup all my scheduled backups (they're all folder backups on my LAN, not files), but when I click "download now" the little "?" turns into an "L". Then I get the downloading files animated gif, but when it completes the task, the files haven't actually moved.
If I click "test" I'm authenticating fine. Is there a log file that I can access or any sort of debugging I can do?
Firmware 1.03
Thanks all!

Hrm, upon closer inspection, it seems permissions aren't being inherited properly.
i.e. I have a user/group configured for R/W access to "Volume_1" and I can create a file there, but the subdirectory "Volume_1\Pics" gets a permissions error if I try to create a file there.