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Title: Resetting router every 2 hours...
Post by: rkb99 on September 14, 2009, 04:59:40 PM
I can say for sure that this never happened when I first installed it with fireware 1.02. 1.05(so was 1.04) has been a nightmare.

I have 1 wired PC and 2 wireless pc/devices I use to access. Even the wired PC will lose connectivity with the router kicks all the PCs off.  The wired PC is an XP SP2 and the rest are Vista SP2. Why is my router doing this?It is not my service provider, Comcast, it is the router. When I hook the PC straight to the modem the internet works fine continuously.

My PC has a Linksys wirless G adapter fully updated. The other two laptops have Atheros wireless adapters fully updated.

Also for some reason when Vista is connecting to my current router via wireless...It reads Old SSID(New SSID).. Why is my old SSID stored when I have changed the name and deleted from Manage Wireless Network?

Ugh... why dlink why...I hope this makes sense..I am so frustrated I really dont know how to explain it.